New publication in ICES Journal of Marine Science Live!

I'm excited to share a new science journal published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science. Here's the link on Oxford Unity Press.

Here's a quotes from the conclusion, in the paper:

The research presented here begins to fill a major gap in the understanding of the temporal and spatial distribution of private recreational anglers’ effort in targeting and harvesting managed living marine resources (i.e. important fisheries species). The demand for ocean resources is growing, with the potential for substantial disruption to historical activities and user conflict (e.g. Jouffray et al., 2020). The first step in developing sound ocean use management is an understanding of where current activities are engaged. Given the cost and time of developing new data streams, the only realistic alternative is to leverage existing data. In this study, we have shown that Fish Rules data can credibly represent private recreational fishing locations for multiple species landed off the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coast of the United States. As such, this research contributes a novel, low-cost, non-invasive approach to quantifying species-specific spatial and temporal patterns of private angler recreational use of marine resources. Further, we use offshore wind lease areas in the same region as a case study that highlights the utility of our approach in a management context. The clusters identify likely important fishing grounds for private anglers within wind lease areas, by species, a critical step in scoping the universe of individuals likely to be impacted by wind energy development, as required by US regulations (Bureau of Ocean Management, 2021a, b).