The Best Desk Cup for Developers?

Clearly, I’ve found the best cup to place around electronics, this thing is awesome: The Mighty Mug

Some updated graphics happened today

One of our agency partners asked for some updated graphics (we did have a few fliers-like banners that were quite out of date). Here’s a sample one:


Watermarked Images

Some of our images were distributed with an agency and needed some good ole’ watermarks on them. The quickest way I found was with this app:


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Whale Alerts!

We already have a few ways to track whales in Fish Rules. A few weeks ago I met with a few folks at NOAA and WhaleAlert about expanding that:

  • More zones

  • Fish Rules will create a more abstracted API so it can use it in different ways

  • Share report/alerts from Fish Rules users to NOAA (At the user’s consent)

    I probably will start that this week.


Commercial Regulation API

The plans to expand Fish Rules data onto government/agency websites are underway. We have the API that powers the website but that’s only for recreational regulations. This week’s work is going to expand to the commercial regulation API too. Today is laying the groundwork to do that by updating the web app with all its dependencies, etc.

Updating to Firebase v9 on the web

It was both easy to do (no bad hiccups or gotchas) and a pain. Their guide was pretty helpful:


The saddest thing of all though? It reduced my bundle size, sure…but I still have a bundle that’s way too large because the Fish Rules stdlib has some deps that…uh…are for the server-side but getting included in the bundle. ARGH. I’ll have to deal with that separately.

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