Fish Rules Day 45



“How to Pitch Your Startup” was a good listen this morning.


Had a really interesting call with a non-profit doing fish image labeling. https://www.fishial.ai/ . I really like what they’re doing and they’re the first group in this industry I feel has a decent handle of the problem at hand. It’d be interesting to see how many citizen-science-minded Fish Rules users would be interested in helping with this effort.


I sent emails and pitch decks and videos to 25+ angel/VC firms today. I gotta say, YCom’s questions are great. It made me realize I need to adjust some things to touch on those points. They ask probably the most interesting questions. Much better than the standard 3-form field contact forms, lol.

Dev / Design

In prep. for the big fishing expo in the summer, I went ahead and ordered a bunch of generic cards. Bleh. Haven’t used print stuff in a long time.

Also met with Andrew on doing some concepts for a new mapping feature we want to push out. More on that in the future.

Mobile work today was around the recreational app:

  • Added a citizen science opt-in field
  • Added a “home port” option so we can default to a certain area automatically
  • Fixed some bugs around the subscription page
  • Fixed a few minor android crashes
  • Tweaked the FlatList to be more performant. When toggling view types, the scroll view goes to the top now, since it doesn’t make sense to maintain position
  • Fixed a few minor things not worth mentioning

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