Fish Rules Day 41

Tweet of the day:

Product throughput is throttled by decisiveness, not keystrokes.

— Matt Wensing 🐙 (@mattwensing) December 9, 2020

Launched v6, with some caveats…

Over the weekend we tested out some of the geo-location features, on the water. Here are some pics.

The testing went well. There’s a common issue where GPS caching happens and thinks we’re on the beach instead of 5 miles offshore. The whole A/GPS thing comes in to play here.

I failed to understand that you have to attach a subscription to a build (iOS App Store) when it is your first subscription. I had it all ready to go, but when I submitted didn’t tell them they had to review the subscription too. :-/

We also ran in to a review problem where the Apple reviewer was on their VPN and trying to log in through our app with a Gmail account that does not have 2-step verification enabled. We won’t support that so it’s been a pain getting that across. Apple has been very responsive though, which is very nice. Google Play Store takes a lot longer to approve now, and there’s no email or communication I get anymore which is odd.

On top of that Google, after 8 years, realized that our app uses government information (regulations) and since we don’t explicitly state we’re not associated with the government in the Play store description, they’d reject it too. It was fixed in a matter of minutes though (they just wanted a simple disclaimer).


I was feeling a bit down with the Apple review woes. It’s a little disheartening to have your fate tied to someone else’s review eye. However, had a good call with a new state agency to become a partner. I felt it went well. They seem like they’re on top of things and selfishly I’d like to have them as a customer just because they seemed like good people to work with.

Got our new biz cards underway. Can’t wait to see what Andrew whips up.

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