Fish Rules Day 30

On listening"While we may not interrupt vocally, we are interrupting others with our thoughts”


I worked on some Friction Log content for an upcoming podcast or two. Over the last month I’ve worked with Roomservice.dev, Retool, Sanity.io, Tailwind UI, etc. and needed to get the content written out for their respective “first time experience” logs. Cesar and I will do a podcast on that in the next week.


Did a pitch to a VC firm in Florida this morning. Didn’t feel like it went especially well but I enjoyed the time nonetheless. It’s nice meeting people in tech Florida … it’s kind of a desert island to some degree.

I sent out the deck to a few others that were asking for it. Met with some folks to get more feedback, etc.

Today is “Marketing Wednesday” but because of the v6 blitz, I’ve pushed all of that out this week, besides checking in on how our email delivery is going.


Tidying up deployments for v6 was all the dev I had time for today. I’ll probably get back at v6 later tonight.

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