Fish Rules Day 4

Tweet of the day "The 10 Commandments of Product Management": https://twitter.com/shreyas/status/1335790469695983618?s=10

6/ Thou shall take the necessary time to understand the real problem before starting to solve it. Thou shall not confuse Execution problems with Strategy problems, Culture problems, or Interpersonal problems.

— Shreyas Doshi (@shreyas) December 7, 2020

Good call with a gov. agency on their website planning and how Fish Rules regulations play a part. They're not planning on release till 2021 (assuming the entire 2020 for development), so I assume we'll play a part later on in the year.

Had a good intro call with an NGO on a new grant they received around fish ID and using our regulations in their app(s). It was an intro and really early for them so we'll see how that goes.

Prioritization is so hard but important. 4 days in and I've found so many things I can do but most of them aren't necessarily what I should do right now.

Launched the trip log for the web app. I went to send a push notification out to users and was pleasantly surprised to see we have 500k users now (a 100k jump from a couple months ago). Also...sending push notifications help a lot...wow!

Met with Michael for a few min. on ad strategy. He's doing a great job banging down doors trying to get people to talk to us about ads.

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