Fish Rules Day 57-59

I’ve been a little quiet. Had a pretty bad wreck over the weekend.

Thankful to be alive today. Our Tesla hydroplaned on the interstate, did a 360 across 2 lanes and in to a barricade just before a bridge. Car is totaled . Tesla’s airbag and crash features performed remarkably well.

— Rick Blalock (@rblalock) March 7, 2021

Apart from that, some work and news has happened this week:

  • Ready to launch our local listing subscription for local businesses. Check it out here
  • Ready to launch our “Nominate your local bait and tackle” campaign. Here’s the form.
  • Launched new In-App messaging features
  • Got some great referrals to government agencies and rewarded the folks with ProStaff subscriptions
  • A new government partner reached out about selling fishing licenses for them

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