Fish Rules Day 55

In a tech culture where things are seemingly valued if they don’t last, this is refreshing:

Friction Log

Did a podcast episode with Cesar and Jeff Haynie on Firebase - First Time Experience. Hopefully we’ll be releasing that early next week.


Today is marketing Wednesday so I spent a lot of time working on initial experience and onboarding. Got our welcome email with some tips for users squared away too.


Working lunch with Albrey

  • Subscription features
  • Ad and gov. sales
  • New map design review
  • Ad ideas for local shops
  • Fish license approach(es)


Worked on some much needed performance optimizations around the list + images on Android. Believe it or not the “FastImage” component I was using, which is supposed to be FAST, was causing major issues on Android because of the cache hits, so I removed it.

I changed our “Regulations updating” dialog to a small dismissible overlay that comes from the top and isn’t intrusive anymore.

I prototyped out a few things we’ve been talking about around making trips more social with the people you’re on a fishing trip with.

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