Fish Rules Day 101

Biz & Marketing

So many things to talk about…

  • Getting some great usage nowadays:

Photo competition winner page is up.


  • Some great exposure on DMFD’s latest video:

https://t.co/EH6eu6KUHG - Fish Rules everywhere!

— Fish Rules (@FishRulesApp) May 14, 2021

  • Launched maps over the weekend! Apple approved the build in 3 hours! Record time!
  • GMFMC’s Red Grouper request for feedback is live in the app:
  • New updates to the ProStaff instructions live.
  • Super excited about an ad partnership…just approved the MSA.
  • Pitched to a few investors today


  • Researched some crash issues on Android
  • Pushed more reef data
  • Started on commercial app marketing site

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