Fish Rules Day 74

I know it’s fundamental, but this was helpful today: common valuation methods.


The biggest problem with having access to analytics at a moment’s notice? I’m constantly checking them. All. The. Time.

Joined a pitch night with ONESIXONE. First time using this new deck so it was rough but I’m grateful for the practice. Got some super valuable feedback from it too. Not surprisingly, “Be more concise” was one of the notes. 😆


We launched our first photo competition today. It runs for the whole month of April. Within the first few hours, we’ve got some great submissions. This will be fun to watch. Sent a bunch of messaging on a few different channels around this today.


Rec. App:

  • Better information for users in locations that Fish Rules does not support
  • Bug fixes & small UI tweaks
  • Test on android
  • Submit to app stores for testing

Commercial App:

The nice thing about having similar apps is we can use similar conventions and code. Makes things go faster.

  • Added notification that regs are downloading, like the rec. app
  • Test on Android

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