Fish Rules Day 11

Day was a short day because my wife and I went out on a date. :-)

Ran first payroll from Gusto to get the payroll time in so healthcare can start on Jan. 1st. Interesting that they need at least 2 weeks of payroll data but don’t explain why…

Made some good progress on the mobile app.

At the beginning of the month I sent out a push notification that we launched trip log functionality. It’s interesting the residual effects a mass push notification has to the traffic of the app - Check out the graph.

Second Week Summary:

  • On par for the same amount of emails and outreach that went on for AD’s. Got a few companies committed as well.
  • Started on v6 of the mobile app, laid some basic foundations, and got UI for a few of the screens done.
  • Ready to go on adding the commercial regulation support in to Fish Management. We’re going to green-field it and move over recreational afterward.
  • Good first-time calls with potential government customers

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