Fish Rules Day 26

Continued on with YCOM’s startup series on YouTube. “How to raise money” round table was on this morning’s watch list. It was good. Not ground breaking. But always good to hear the fundamentals over and over again.


Sent out the first government information sheet / deck to an interested state agency. Can’t wait to see the questions this information generates. I’ve bounced it off some people and in general it’s been good feedback but for a brand new customer that is unfamiliar with Fish Rules, it’ll be really interesting. We did have one state agency immediately reach out and state they’re interested in partnering. AWESOME!

Sent out beta links for Fish Rules Commercial, to the first round of internal NOAA testers.

Socialized the investor deck with some folks to get feedback. Got really great critiques and also some decent praise on the existing slides too. Excited to try it out after I make the adjustments.

I had a follow up call with an API customer to clarify some things. It’s always interesting finding out how someone will use your data and how they’re architecting their software based literally around your pricing model.


Nothing. I’ve been completely consumed with this government outreach stuff, calls about the API product with customers, and the investor deck. Argh. I’m so close to getting v6 done too.

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