Fish Rules Day 37

A good read of the day: “The Case for Solving Core Problems”



Had a great call with NOAA going over the commercial app beta feedback. It’s nice we’re at the part where I can fix or change feedback in this app during the call.

A Government IT department is being difficult with “security” reasons they don’t want to allow integration. As someone who’s worked on countless similar “integrations” … it’s 99.9% of the time an excuse. Especially for what we’re talking about doing. Very frustrating. This is why I don’t like it when people say, “Oh, you’re in IT?”. No, please don’t associate me with IT. :-)

Today was “strategy Friday’s” but didn’t get to any of it because of the mad rush to get v6 out. I pushed it some to the next strategy Friday and some to Monday.

My ponder of the day:

Is paying to remove ads still a thing for mobile apps? good idea/bad idea?

— Rick Blalock (@rblalock) January 29, 2021


I fixed several issues with the commercial app while on the call this morning. I’ll fix the rest on Tuesday during “mobile Tuesdays”.

I met with Albrey over lunch and we hammered on v6 and came up with a decent size list of things to knock out. Got all of them done and sent a new build-out to beta testers (we’re at almost 100 beta testers now).

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