Docusaurus all the things (for the new Fish Rules API)

The Long Game (Fun read of the day)


The University of Alabama + AWI

Had a fun call with business students and their project with U of A + Alabama Water Institute. They’re building an app and want to use the Fish Rules API for some of it.

Commercial API & Fish Rules API Docs

Today mostly consisted of two things: (1) Stand up the new commercial REST API and (2) document all the REST APIs for some new customers.

API Docs

The new doc site can be found here:

d82ee7c500be2d18e21872ec682a4861.png I’m impressed at how fast it was to spin this project up, edit the markdown, deploy on Vercel, etc. The feedback loop was insanely fast. Docusaurus seems to be a great tool.


Commercial API

I wrote and launched the Commercial Regulation API today. Endpoints include areas, permits, conditions, and permits. Basically, everything that makes the new commercial app work.

GET /api/commercial/regulations

Gives you:

      "id": 16,
      "fish_id": "122",
      "species_name": "Wahoo",
      "species_shape": "Pelagic Fish",
      "species_freshwater": 0,
      "species_saltwater": 1,
      "species_report_only": 0,
      "species_edibility": "Excellent, but may contain high mercury levels. ",
      "species_synonyms": [
        "Acanthocybium solandri"
      "permit_name": "Atlantic Dolphin Wahoo Permit",
      "permit_notes": "<p><strong>HTML description</strong></p>",
      "permit_agencies": [
      "permit_areas": [
... etc.

Troubles Migrating to Latest NextJS Because of Path Issues?!

I updated all our dependencies, migrated to Firebase v9 SDK, etc. Everything worked locally and in a separate dev environment BUT when deployed on Vercel in production: files were missing. After hours of debugging, it apparently has something to do with Next v11. I’m going to have to file a ticket to figure this one out. In the meantime, I downgraded Next and it deploys fine.

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