Fish Rules Day 76

People that interrupt processes get the weak results they expected.

— Matt Wensing 🐙 (@mattwensing) March 26, 2021


Sat in on another ONESIXONE meeting with a great guest, Ray Shan. Talked about a lot of the lean startup and “do things that don’t scale” approaches.


Followed up with some partners on misc things.

Sent out the “Protected Species” reports to one of our partners. It’s exciting sending out these types of data to others showing the value of Fish Rules for their conservation programs.

Also sent out a Bonefish+Permit+Tarpon data set sample too, for a potential partner.

I’ve gotten to the point where I generate these heat maps before a meeting with a potential customer and send it to them ahead of time. I’ve done it 3 times in the last week. It’s so powerful in generating a conversation. They jump on the call and immediately want to talk about it.


Prepped a new build for the commercial app and sent it to our partners to screen before we go to beta testing. Got some immediate feedback that needed fixing and was fixed within a few minutes. The major portion left is reviewing the regulations for accuracy.

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