Fish Rules Day 35

Good read of the day: Quality vs. Consistency


“What people forget when considering the quality-consistency dilemma is that there is a third axis - the scope of work.”

The day of distractions

Oh man, what a day for distractions. My wife was driving and had a bolt get stuck in the tire. She camped out at a shopping mall and waited for 3+ hours for Tesla roadside to get to her…only to have them tow the Tesla to the service center because they didn’t have the tire. My dad was going to pick her up but he had a blow out tire too. Oh, and our washing machine’s drum dropped to the floor while on and made a horrific screaming noise…had a service guy come out and fix the springs.


Had a good prep call with Albrey and Michael for two big advertising opportunities.

Lots of follow ups from contacts we’ve been courting.

Sent out the iOS beta (TestFlight) to a bunch of community testers. I didn’t get to send the Android one out because it’s now taken Google 2 days to approve anything in the Play Store. When did they become so slow?! Apple has a turn around time of hours now.

If you want to try out the beta of v6: https://testflight.apple.com/join/zFqDeZqr


Wrapped up a few loose ends so we could sent out the TestFlight and Play invites. The loose ends were from feedback earlier in the week too.

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