Fish Rules Day 91


I was asked today why we don’t show our regulation grid tiles when they don’t apply. i.e. When there’s no “Trip Limit”, why don’t we show “No Trip Limit”. There are some very specific reasons based on a couple of UX laws:

  1. Hick’s Law: “The time it takes to make a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices.”

    Even with a title that says “No Trip Limit”, that’s still a decision point. The primary goal of the regulation screen is to answer this question as fast as possible: “Can I keep this or not?”. Showing a “No Trip Limit” requires a momentary pause. Not showing it at all means it isn’t even a consideration at that moment.

  2. Miller’s Law: “The average person can only keep 7 (plus or minus 2) items in their working memory.”

    The grid tiles were designed to be an “at a glance” decision point. The more there are, the harder it is for someone to remember later if they were allowed to keep a fish or not and what information was associated with that decision.

Biz & Marketing

I’ve been heads down the last 2 days on new features for the recreational app and getting things wrapped up for commercial that I’ve neglected a mountain of emails piling up. Spent a lot of the afternoon responding to people, etc.

Had a few investor calls today.


Got in custom icons for waypoints. Check it out here:

We got some more commercial app feedback so did a little bit on that front too.

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