Fish Rules Day 20

On feedback, Jason gets the quote of the day. The ending of this quote especially struck me:

Have you ever noticed that feedback is implicitly considered to be right, when it’s purely opinion? What someone thinks of something is their opinion. Feedback is rarely about facts, it’s about feel, which is great except when it’s taken as truth.

— Jason Fried (@jasonfried) December 30, 2020


Continuing the YCOM / Stanford series, listened to Peter Thiel’s “Competition is for losers”. The “lies people tell” was good.

I didn’t get a lot done today (at least it felt like it…I still knocked off most of the things on my list). Maybe it’s because it felt like half the day I was doom scrolling the would-be “revolution” on Twitter.


A state agency reached out to become a partner! Stoked. It’s the salt water side of the agency, still want to get the fresh water side on board too (although technically they’re 2 different customers with 2 different contracts).

I worked on the investment deck, it’s about 90% done. Hopefully I never have to use it :-D.

Since today is “Marketing Wednesday” I spent almost all my time on marketing related plans we’re going to do: Government agency outreach, follow up on top-of-funnel leads, and reach out to a bunch of customers on “what’s coming” at the end of the month.


Nothing. Literally. I didn’t touch a code editor once. Crazy. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

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