Fish Rules Day 33

Curious rule of thumb I’ve been pondering today:

A rough rule, but a good rule:

If you are in growth mode, to hire the team you need, and scale at the rate you want ... you need at least half your ARR on your balance sheet

I.e., if you are $6M ARR, you need >=$3m in the bank to invest in hiring, etc.

If you have less, raise

— Jason ✨BeKind✨ Lemkin ⚫️ (@jasonlk) January 24, 2021


Cesar got a new Friction Log up today. I also published some smaller friction logs across a few things I’ve been using Can’t wait to do the podcasts!



Only a little today as the v6 mobile blitz continues.

  • A few calls were scheduled for ads, commercial app, etc.
  • Got investor info and video uploaded
  • Reviewed more beta feedback for the commercial app


All mobile v6 stuff. Here were the internal Test Flight notes:

  • Setting a location via map or lat/lon persists until you change it, across app sessions.
  • Loader enhancements
  • Reg list enhancements
  • Local/Federal toggle fixed
  • Ads do a slow fade now so not as jarring
  • Ads now can be placed inside the fish log (by species and location)
  • TL/FL measurement images
  • Push notifications
  • In app messaging

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