Fish Rules Day 7

Good read for the day: Doing things that don't scale.

Ugh, Gusto enrollment makes me enter in a bunch of duplicate data. They've also managed to confuse us with pre-mature emails that don't work until a certain date.

Worked on a draft of our pricing for API as a Service with the goal of getting something in front of a few leads next week.

Met with Michael and Albrey on recent calls, plans, sales sheets we’re working on, etc.

I started on a POC of “embeddable widgets” and made some more headway on that today. Honestly, I don’t like it. I think it’ll only work if we try stand alone widgets that use Fish Rules branding, which could work for articles and blog posts but not really for regulator sites. They have specific needs and look / feel and the regulation data is intermixed with other things they have on their pages. It’s probably better for them to just hit our API.

Made the list screen on the commercial app less messy by separating out the available permits against “Your permits”, so they’re not all on the same screen. It’s still a slightly hacky way to do it for now but until the data model gets settled, this is good for now. Also, made the navigation easier when looking at a permit and there are multiple species for a given permit.

First Week Summary:

Pretty interesting first week full time on Fish Rules:

For AD’s:

  • 107 new outreach emails sent.
  • 55 follow-ups sent.
  • We added 277 new contacts/companies to get us just shy of 600 total in HubSpot.

Government customers:

  • Multiple meetings with several state and federal agencies on several new projects


  • Sent out 2 new beta test builds for the Commercial app
  • Launched trip/fish log for web
  • Prototyped embeddable widgets


  • Setup Gusto (Health insurance and payroll)
  • Started on pricing sheet for API pricing
  • Started on investor pitch deck, sales decks, and info packets

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