Fish Rules Day 22


Great podcast episode on the difference between passion and purpose in a startup.

Postman is hosting a hackathon. What’s funny is I was thinking about using their workspaces as a place to host example Fish Rules API calls for customers. I wonder if I should just use that as the hackathon entry?


We got a commitment from our first “API” customer! Sweet! Also, 2 other organizations asked for information on using our APIs.

Today is “strategy Friday’s” so I did some work on strategy and larger business efforts:

  • Signed up for IntroOpenGrants
  • Spent some time reviewing 2021 grants in the industry
  • Wrapped up the investment deck. Time to start reaching out!
  • Wrapped up the gov. deck. Time to start reaching out!


For the mobile app:

  • Wrapped up email auth with magic emails. Ran in to some problem with social login on Android, still have to figure that out.
  • Trip log and trip detail wire up: Almost done just need to add the create/edit/delete flows

One tip with React native I’ve re-learned over the last month: Always run on both platforms when developing. Even if they’re both not perfect or not bringing both up to speed at the same time, the amount of build problems that happen on Android (usually) that you have to catch up on is so time consuming if you don’t fix it immediately.

Week in Review

Summary of the week:

Made lots of progress on v6 of the mobile app. I want to send out a beta next week sometime. Some outreach is starting to pay off because it led to several meetings, new leads, and intros to people and companies. We got a partner commitment from a new state agency this week.

If you missed some of the previous days’ posts, here some specifics:

  • Feeling a lot better this week, which really helped productivity
  • This turned out to be useful for this blog
  • The YCOM series with all the talks at Stanford has been really good. So far my favorite one is this one.
  • The Fish Rules swag branding test is ending today.
  • fish.management got a makeover to make way for the new outreach we’re about to do.
  • Reaching out to several people at MAFAC, led to some really good intro calls. I’m excited about the future here.
  • v6 of the Mobile app is full wired up to regulations and images and seemed to work quite well as a first-run at things.
  • Investment, API, and government sales decks and related collateral are done. Time to start the campaigns!

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