Fish Rules Day 28

What a great thread for ideas. Seeing what others work on, in such a succinct way, it’s much more interesting than a pitch deck.


Not much for today on the business front:

  • Had a call with a potential industry partner. Not much to come out of it yet but when we do our PRO subscription, there could be a really good opportunity.
  • Tweaked the investor deck based on a bunch of feedback I’ve been getting the last few days. Biggest gaps: Competition information, and projections.
  • Followed up on 3 leads that I’ve spoken with in the past 2 weeks.


This guy has some great libraries for React Native.


I spent almost the entire time today working on the mobile app with an emphasis on getting the fish logging capabilities ready to go. Here’s a list:

  • Trip list screen wired up
  • Trip detail screen wired up
  • Create / Delete Trip handling wired up
  • Fish Log screens wired up
  • “Trip Basket” concepts implemented
  • Fix misc. bugs that have popped up in the last week

I spent exactly 1hr trying to get Android to build a release version of the app. So frustrating. Turns out it was the Android Studio memory heap just filling up. It needs 4gb!? I had to update Android Studio too.

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