Fish Rules Day 24

Quote of the day goes to Santiago:

Test your theories.

Quick, cheap, dirty code that shows that you are walking on the right path. Then go back and make it pretty.

— Santiago (@svpino) January 12, 2021


Today was “mobile Tuesday” and it comprised entirely of the Commercial app and tweaking things to get it ready for beta testers. There’s a lot of content tweaks that have to happen separately. There’s some beta testers we can onboard now that are high-level testers that won’t focus on the content; we’ll probably add them later this week.

2 potential customers reached out today. All from the calls and effort that was put in last week.


As mentioned earlier, mainly Commercial app tweaks. Really not a lot of things but enough to fill half of the day.

I also started to add the API key provisioning functionality to our admin area of Fish Rules, so we can manage the keys, and check on our customers’ API requests in a given month, etc. Still have several things to do but the CRUD part of the work is done.

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