Fish Rules Day 40

Listened to this great podcast today: “Anti-patterns of 10x thinking”. Some parts of it I liked:

  • Rethinking vs. Contrarian Thinking
  • Scientist backgrounds do a job better with pivots and changing product assumptions and vision
  • Super-forecasters??? Never heard of it but it’s cool!


Catching Up

I took a few days off to tour Kennedy Space Center and watch a SpaceX launch. It was great!

As with any break…I get buried in big piles of todo’s when I get back! The entire morning was spent following up with people, going through email, updating customers on some delays (UGH), progress, etc.

Also sent off some bullets to Andrew, to start the conversation around our new feature we’re going to do this year (map-centric).

Had a good working lunch with Albrey, going over launch plans for v6, what else is needed, etc. We’re going out on the ocean tomorrow to test some of the geo-location functions.

Mike is continuing to kill it with the advertising outreach. We have a decent pipeline of advertisers he’s meeting with next week.


Prep work for the v6 launch:

  • iPad layout tweaks so it’s not TERRIBLE on the iPad
  • Moved manual lat/lon to degrees/decimal minutes
  • Adjusted a bunch of subscription copy
  • Fixed the issue where the db loading screen would block needlessly
  • Loading indicator(s) throughout the subscription status
  • Deep link handling of special messages
  • Comply with lots of Apple TOS guidelines.

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