PDF Regulations? Oh My!

I spent a few hours today prototyping out PDF rendered versions of Fishing Regulations. It may seem counter-intuitive to indulge in this considering Fish Rules is meant to REPLACE these lame print approaches that fishermen dislike. It’s sort of an experiment and also function to replace some of the federal cards that are being phased out this year (i.e. to be used as a stop gap for those that think they have to have these print outs). Who knows, they might offer some added opportunity to get Fish Rules inside more bait/tackle stores by having physical regs. laying around

This library was very helpful spinning this up fast (A React renderer for PDF’s):


Tweet of the Day

Ok this one is older but I have it bookmarked and I liked it:


Best name for a boat goes to…


Found this cool app that has a lot of nice on-screen layout controls while playing music on your mac. Which..then led me to “Bump”. Pretty cool distro option for devs.


Cool library: Components for Math Viz.


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