Fish Rules Day 8

Fun mental exercise for the day: “Would the captain of the Titanic altered course if he was less experienced?”

Had a great meeting with some of our government customers around the new commercial app, beta testing plans, etc. The beta testing duration is way too long for this type of app but empathetically, I understand why they need it to be that way.

Followed up on ideas for integration / partnership with the Catch a Memory program. Followed up on API pricing concepts. Followed up on a small grant we got around some fish studies.

Finally started on v6 of Fish Rules. Mostly consisted of scaffolding out the new projects, etc. As always, it’s easy…except all the odd configuration bugs you run in to when changing something.

Had an interesting intro call around selling fish licenses for one of our state customers. Most of the license sales are a black box so it’ll be interesting to see if we can crack that nut.

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