Fish Rules Day 48


Touch point for the commercial app: Not a whole lot done on the dev side this week mainly because of the winter storms of Austin slowing us down.

Reached out to 12 angel investors today.

It’s interesting seeing the public space in this industry start to realize UI and UX matters and directly relates to how well their science projects perform. On that note, this was a fun read today. “Citibank just got a $500 million lesson in the importance of UI design” 🤣


Did a blitz on all my government contacts telling them about the new citizen science features coming.

Mike got the HIMS ad deal closed out and the ads are in the app now. 💪


Albrey knocked out a lot of content last week, so we’re good there. This week was pretty slow on commercial, all in all.

The new citizen science page is almost done. Needs some content, logos, etc. Here’s the working version at the moment.



Wrapped up last min. todo’s to try to get this new version out today.

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