Fish Rules Day 19

On Startup Culture and being “Data Driven”:

Startup culture worships data while believing stories.

— Matt Wensing 🐙 (@mattwensing) December 26, 2020


I added the oembed plugin I mentioned the other day to this blog. Seems to work well.

Interesting read of the day, “Commoditize your complement”.



Ooof. Today went by SO FAST.

Some of the outreach I did yesterday proved profitable. I have a handful of meetings that have come out of the effort. In fact, two of them happened today, ad-hoc, with some major potential to partner with federal government agencies. Stay tuned…

A major app in the industry reached out to chat about partnership too. Not quite sure where it will go but we shall see.

First I’ve heard of “The 40% rule”Interesting take.



Got a lot of maintenance and UX nits done today on v6:

  • Prohibited area and species messages
  • Handle changing current species screen regulations when the location changes
  • Local <-> Federal toggle
  • Favorite handling
  • No Data state(s)
  • Fixed a few race condition crashes while the db and images were downloading
  • Grid tile placeholders when things don’t add up to 6
  • Fixed a few image sizing issues

Only thing on the list I didn’t get to was the login … but that’s because I have social and magic email login handling I need to do. That’ll be a large effort…maybe tomorrow.

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