Fish Rules Day 64


Payroll day. It’s always funny running payroll in Gusto for just one employee (me!). I like doing it in Gusto though and it’s good for muscle memory so things are smooth when we add more employees.

Added a few new programs to our citizen science page. One of the ones requested to be listed, I don’t think we’re going to list until they become partners and they run the program through Fish Rules. It’s in direct conflict with what we’re trying to accomplish with Fish Rules. I don’t know why we would encourage something that is propagating a UX problem and friction in the industry, especially since we’re actively trying to fix the problem and friction.


Built out a draft for our photo competition marketing page. Check it out here. Still working out some details. We’re launching this April 1st.

Deployed a prototype of our internal analytics (ads, usage, reg views, logging, etc.) to our internal app. It works great…but once deployed I realized Vercel’s server-less functions have a 5mb response body limit. So I’m going to have to lift some of this to another spot. :-/

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