Fish Rules Day 112


My wife was out last week so I had the kids…while I did work and got a decent amount done, I did not journal at all…so we’re skipping to Day 112. :-)

Who wears it better?

Biz & Marketing

  • Investor meetings. It went well from the feedback POV.
  • E-Commerce planning.
  • Red Snapper Photo Competition is well underway and going well. There are some AMAZING shots people have submitted.
  • Presentation prep for a state agency meeting for all the states in the south regions



  • Programmatic ads beta is available. Now waiting on the next steps.


A lot of today was paying attention to the new things with WWDC. I “LOL’d” when Apple acted like they invented async / await and commented: “Async/await will allow you to have more fun writing apps”. Pretty funny.

Other than that, the updates were typically incremental but they are good incremental improvements.

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