Fish Rules Day 42

In 99% of startups, failing to execute is a much bigger danger than being copied. So it's a mistake to risk the former in order to avoid the latter.

— Paul Graham (@paulg) February 7, 2021


Well I’m behind the 8-ball on marketing version 6. Between talking to Matt for ideas, reading articles like this one on HubSpot, and debating hiring someone on Fiverr to write a press release, today has me scrambling to get this done. This morning I started a Press/Media kit in Notion; it’s not much but at least it’s a place to throw things on when needed. Spun up a ProductHunt page too, though it doesn’t feel like the right user base (especially judging from the limited topics they let you pick from)…but hey why not?


Had an interesting call with a Firebase (Google) employee. It was a user-research / sentiment call but it was fun.


Mostly it was fixing bugs with the new release and trying to get to the commercial app.

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