Fish Rules Day 16


Movie user interface design! What an interesting field… https://www.pushing-pixels.org/fui/


The morning generated a lot of small misc. things. Before 9, I try to get smaller things out of the way, so after 9 I can start on the “emphasis” of the day. Some of the house keeping items early this morning included:

  • Answering emails
  • Chatting with Albrey about some feedback we got from users
  • Added a banner ad to the web app, advertising the store. Check it out.
  • Replaced a few of our mobile ads with an ad to the fish rules store
  • Tweaked a sales deck we’ve been using.


Does anyone do a hybrid CPM/CPC model for selling ads? This seems to make sense to me.

Mobile Tuesday

Today is ‘mobile Tuesday’. Back to the prioritization game: I could’ve worked on some of the new commercial mobile app in the morning but really, it was a distraction from getting v6 of Fish Rules further down the road. The things for the commercial app that need to be done are really minor and until we get Fish Management implemented, it’s not necessary yet. Therefore: v6 all day!

  • Started on the trip basket concept
  • Modals modals modals
  • Fixed a lot of weird oddities that I hadn’t gotten to yet
  • Tried a bazillion animation libraries … went back to the one I was using. RN animation packages are all over the place. It’s actually a lot easier to do animations natively.
  • Got Android up to speed with where iOS is. Check it out here.

One thing I’ve learned over the years: Don’t wait until you’re ready to try things out on devices or with testers, to go through app builds. The whole “Ship early, ship often” helps you make sure there’s no weird config or build issues when deploying. Every time I’ve edited the app I make sure it gets pushed all the way out to TestFlight. This seems to be even more important for intermediate frameworks like React Native where there’s additional tooling in between everything.

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