Fish Rules Retro Pt. 1

We’ve had some great deals close, conversations, and progress the last 2 days. But rather than a journal that out like I’ve done every day for the last 50 days, I thought I’d stop and review all the things that have been accomplished with Fish Rules since December:


  • 8% bump in views (8.5m)
  • 17% bump in app events / interactions (35m)
  • 83% bump in logged fish
  • 70% bump in trip information activity
  • 10% bump in ad clicks

Outreach & Partnerships

  • 1100 emails
  • 325 companies
  • 26 government agencies
  • Sent out first time press releases and email newsletters
  • Closed several ad deals
  • In negotiation and about to close several new state agency customers

Mobile Apps, Websites, and More

  • Completely re-written recreational app from the ground up
  • Brand new design and branding
  • New fish log features
  • New location features
  • New citizen science features and initiatives
  • New user account options
  • New opt-in messaging / push channel options
  • New in-app messaging capabilities for advertisers, NGO’s, and fish management agencies
  • New subscription offering which includes having a real human ID their catch
  • New advertisement opportunities: By species, by location, ad rotations, etc.
  • New Regulation API as a service, for 3rd parties to use
  • Prototype of the brand new commercial fishing app finished. It should be rolling it out in the next month or so.
  • New web app version of Fish Rules launched
  • Revamped marketing websites (Fish Rules, Fish Management)
  • New admin management area for Fish Rules staff to manage ads, photo competitions, and more.
  • Started work on a new map feature for Fish Rules users
  • Added and improved a bunch fish images
  • About to launch the first Fish Rules photo competition

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