Fish Rules Day 49

On effort:

“if someone’s much better than you at something, they probably try much harder. You probably underestimate how much harder they try. I’m not saying that talent isn’t a meaningful differentiator, because it certainly is, but I think people generally underestimate how effort needs to be poured into talent in order to develop it. So much of getting good at anything is just pure labor: figuring out how to try and then offering up the hours. If you’re doing it wrong you can do it a thousand times and not produce any particularly interesting results. So you have to make sure you’re trying the right way.”


15 or so follow-up conversations around monetizing the app, with potential customers, etc.

Had a good lunch meeting with Albrey.

We’re at 108 subscribers today. That’s something at least. :-)

The citizen science and agency messaging initiatives are ready to go!

Reviewed a contract for a government agency.


Over the weekend we discovered a critical bug that gave users the white-screen-of-death, when new regulations were pushed out. The database file was being corrupted in the scenario when the app was closed, opened, downloaded the file, etc. Took about 2 hours to troubleshoot, fix, test, submit to the App Store. It’s now live. Nice turn around on mobile considering a few years ago it’d take weeks.

Apart from that:

  • Wrapped all new features in feature flags
  • Opt-in to feature notifications, also opts you in to beta features

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