How old is something in “tech years” anyway?

Occasionally I’ve had conversations where someone says, “That’s like 20 tech years ago” How old is something in tech years, really? So Santigo and I built a quick way to tell you. Try it out! You can even append ?youtube=… to add a YouTube video. For example DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS

The whole thing is open-sourced here:


The Fish Rules Fall Photo Competition is about to start!

I spent a good portion of the day designing out the new page:


New Personal Website Design

As you can tell (or maybe you can’t)…there’s a new look and feel here…I moved over to Pinpoint to try it out for a personal blog since I’ve been using it for Fish Rules news site. The template system is a full NextJS app, which means you have almost complete free reign to do whatever you want. This theme is OSS here.


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