Fish Rules Day 1

Health insurance health insurance health insurance! Drinking from the firehose of health insurance.

Gusto is pretty nice. Has a nice setup, can get most everything up and running in less than a day (of course health insurance keeps it from being instant...but they do a good job of walking through the issues). It's also REALLY expensive outside of Cali it seems?

Tried to sign up for https://sanabenefits.com/ but never got an activation link.

https://sidecarhealthinsurance.com/ Is an interesting alternative too, and I was able to get a quote in about 30 min.

HealthCare.gov was a bazillion $ and took an hour or so to get setup.

I also met with our designer, Andrew, about pitch deck design, embeddable widgets, and some sales collateral.

I have a long list of "todo's" for actual business / marketing / development...that I didn't get done today...because of HEALTH INSURANCE. Some things I did get to focus on:

  • Embeddable widget follow up
  • New fish log addition follow up

So...basically follow-ups...meh

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