Fish Rules Day 72

Stumbled upon this article after all this big data stuff, BigQuery, Rockset, etc. work. “Space-time tradeoff”



Spent a few hours and picked up a new car to replace the one we wrecked. The Model Y is a lot roomier than the 3. Not as sporty though.


Lots of meetings today with Industry leader, NGO in Alabama, angel investor, Albrey.

It’s always fun to meet with NGOs that immediately get our value-add and rave about it. :-)

Had a fun strategic meeting with a company today.


Commercial app:

  • Fix misc. visual bugs
  • Wire up local/remote images
  • Quota handling changes
  • Deploy latest for testing

Recreational app:

  • Show more user-friendly error messages on reg. download error
  • Improve “report” species verbiage for protected animals such as right whales
  • Location-specific regulations get their own pillbox

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