Fish Rules Day 75

I love simple iteration!

I often implement administrator access in my Firestore security rules in three steps:

✋ Nobody can write 🙋‍♂️ Just I can write 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 A dynamic list of people can write

If you encapsulate this in an isAdmin() function it is easy to upgrade from step to step.https://t.co/qkH7Cw3LdM pic.twitter.com/4EAnNi3M4C

— Frank van Puffelen (@puf) April 2, 2021


Did some cool “protected species” reports. Check out a screenshot:


Met with Michael to go over accounts in flight, photo competition, who needs following up, etc.


Web App

Albrey updated some of the measurement instructional images. We serve this off the web app so I updated those. In the process though I took some time to try to optimize the static generation NextJS does. I actually removed the pre-build files for the reg. Detail screens because we have like 7,000 of them now and the build takes FOREVER. However, you can add the fancy fallback flag to the generation and it’ll server-side generate the page on demand but then cache them, it’s still super fast. Check it out. I’m not sure how to get past the 30 min build times on Vercel so I did this and things work great.


Had to fix a Ye Olde JavaScript “falsey” bug with bag limit == 0 not showing … bag limit of 0. :-)

Added the new empty state messaging and instructions from yesterday to the location selection screen too, since it’s relevant.

Commercial App

  • Order managed areas
  • map image to download
  • Color code quota tiles based on %
  • Misc. visual bug fixes/tweaks.
  • Testing on android

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