Fish Rules Day 17

Tweet of the day goes to Matt W:


Gusto’s healthcare and payroll stuff is kicking off now that it is the end of the month. Seems like it’s going quite smoothly. I’d highly recommend checking them out.

I have a cold and it’s wearing on me today. Today is the first day in the last 17 days where I felt like I didn’t get near as many things done as I could’ve, and I think it’s because of this cold.


Today is “Marketing Wednesday”…

I tried to sign-up for as many state fisheries newsletters as possible today. Ooof, not a fun experience.

One of the things we’ve needed for a long time is ASO (App store optimization) work and simple marketing too, just in general. I created a checklist of things I need to work on and do every week (with the emphasis on Wednesdays). Here’s some of it:

  • ProductHunt work (posting it, generating hype, new features, etc.)
  • Find roundup lists for fishing and get on them (hit up writers that could generate then, etc.)
  • Work on App Store Optimizations: Better screenshots (experiment with different ones), better descriptions, optimize keywords, reach out to reviewers (work on getting better reviews or improving existing ones)
  • Submit app to a few of the award ceremonies (both app awards but also industry ones)
  • Start work on getting app featured by Google/Apple (yes there’s actually work that has to be done for this to happen…)
  • Hit up news agencies on new features, plans, etc. and get in a habit of doing it
  • Advertising landing pages

A state reached out about partnering with Fish Rules today! 💪

ASA personas are gold: https://asafishing.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/ASA_Visual_Report_Digital.pdf. I’ll be processing a lot of this on Friday.


Mobile progress today included lots of work around the fish logging flow(s). Here’s a video of the progress.

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