Fall Features for Fish Rules Include:

  • New artificial reefs (Delaware and Maryland)
  • New option to subscribe to notifications for a species
  • New whale alert zones and details on the map
  • Toggle lat/lon formats
  • Here’s a link to the newsletter for other info

Clever music for today

Someone took all the error noises from misc. apps and OS’s and made music out of it! 🤣

Android 11 / React native / SDK 30 Woes

Oh man this was a doozy. I’ve spent the better part of 2 days trying to fix production issues on Android around downloading / unzipping / using files. Apparently sdk 30 (Android 11) breaks some of the filesystem flows when saving things to the ‘documents’ folder. For the time being I rolled back to sdk 29 and that seems to have fixed it for everybody at the moment. 😬. I’m still not quite sure what the solution is until react-native-fs has better support for the new filesystem APIs. I have a todo to reference something like this for Android 11 support in the very near future:


Top 20 Fish in Hawaii Right Now


353Bonefish, Shortjaw
349Grouper, Hawaiian
316Parrotfish, Bullethead
301Goatfish, Manybar
286Tuna, Yellowfin
260Lobster, Hawaiian Spiny
253Anchovy, Hawaiian
252Jack, Island
238Lobster, Green Spiny
227Flagtail, Hawaiian
226Goatfish, Yellowstripe
226Jack, Barred
225Grouper, Peacock
224Jobfish, Green
223Crab, Samoan
217Trevally, Giant
214Crab, Kona
211Goatfish, Whitesaddle
205Octopus, Day

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