Fish Rules Day 46


Today is “Marketing Wednesday” so I focused some time on marketing related work:

Submitted information for Fish Rules to be featured on the App Store.

I hadn’t set up the Safari meta tag that takes users to the App Store. It was so easy, can’t believe I hadn’t done this yet:

<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app id=597875361" />

I decided to delay the press release until we launch this next version (probably over the weekend), which has a citizen science opt-in with links to participating programs (It’ll look better on the press release).


Some really good progress and news on the ad side, government side, and NGO side. Not going to take the time and type it up tonight though. Sorry :-)


Fixed some very minor issues that have popped up, across all our digital properties (i.e. It’s “Saltwater” not “Salt Water” 🤦‍♂️).

Introduced some new features and wrapped up new features I started on Monday:

  • You can now opt-in to citizen science programs from the account page
  • Set your home dock on the account page
  • New "Notification Manager" screen where you can opt-in to important notices, announcements, and offers
  • Favorites now will save to your Fish Rules account. That way you can take your favorites with you across devices or if you re-install the app.
  • The location page now will let you open a full-screen map for selecting a manual location
  • Selecting the "List" or "Image" view filter will save that setting across uses
  • Performance optimizations
  • Bug fixes

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